UCT School of Architecture Planning and Geomatics Application

By | April 23, 2021

UCT School of Architecture Planning and Geomatics Application

UCT School of Architecture Planning and Geomatics Application – see details below to apply now…

Admission Overview

General UCT undergraduate admission requirements apply, you can find these on the University of Cape Town website here.

In addition candidates are asked to present a written motivation and a small prescribed portfolio (plus any other work the candidate may consider relevant). Please visit the Faculty website for additional information. That can be found here.

Post Graduate
Architecture: Entry to the BAS (Hons) programme is restricted to students with a Bachelor of Architectural Studies (or equivalent) degree. The minimum duration of the Bachelor of Architectural Studies (Honours) is one year of full-time study. Except with the permission of Senate, students who register for the Bachelor of Architectural Studies (Honours) degree must register for the full year’s study. The qualification introduces an honours degree within a succession of qualifications leading towards professional qualification in architecture. It is a prerequisite qualification for admission into the Master of Architecture (Professional). The application portfolio requirements can be found here.

Before you proceed to application, click on the links below for information:

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Planning: For the Bachelor of City Planning Honours Programme, the base entry level is a Bachelors degree in any discipline from a University (or a BTech degree in planning from a Technical University) with final year marks which average 65% (and above). Particularly relevant fields of undergraduate study include: architectural studies; geography and the environmental sciences; economics; law; civil engineering; geomatics and land surveying; and social anthropology.

There are 20 places available for this programme.

Admission to the Masters in City and Regional Planning Programme requires successful completion of the Bachelor of City Planning Honours Programme.

MPHIL – Architecture: Candidates must hold a four year bachelor’s degree or an honours degree from a recognised university, or must have attained a level of competence which, in the opinion of Senate, is adequate for admission purposes.

MPHIL – Conservation: Entry to the M Phil (Conservation) programme is restricted to applicants with a relevant Honours Degree or a relevant Bachelors or BTech Degree and some experience in conservation of the built environment, heritage resource-related design and/or management.

MARCH: The Master of Architecture by research degree is open to graduates with a BAS(Hons) degree and to those with an Honours equivalent degree in a related or discipline acceptable to the higher degree committee.

Entry to the programme is through the presentation of a dissertation proposal. This takes the form of a crafted proposition which is publicly defended before the graduate programme higher degrees committee which is ultimately responsible for admissions and the final award of degrees.

The degree may be undertaken in a minimum of 4 semesters, or in exceptional circumstances in 3. A minimum residency of one semester is expected, though 2 semesters (one year) is advisable.

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