University of Johannesburg Registration Fees 2022

By | June 2, 2021

University of Johannesburg Registration Fees 2022 

University of Johannesburg Registration Fees 2022  – See Details Below:

 Fees payable prior to registration and registration fees payable.

The University reserves the right to change fees without prior notice or without providing reasons thereof.

3.1 Application fee – 2022 Manual applicationsR200.00 Web applications – No fee

3.2Residence deposit – applicable only to students applying

for residence at the University for the first time in 2022

R1 220.00

Residence deposit – 2022


A non-refundable registration fee of


per registration process


A non-refundable additional late registration fee of

R2 250.00

per registration process


ICT levy


Payable per registration process and is non-refundable

4.Fees payable at registration (All full-time, part-time, extra-curricular and semester programs)

4.1First installment on University accounts for all students, excluding students whose full fees are paid by sponsors or employers, have to pay the following minimum amounts prior or on the date of academic registration.

 Day students (tuition fees)

R3 870.00

(All students not residing in the residences)

 Residence students

(only students with acceptance letters from residences)

R6 470.00

Residence fees:

R2 600.00

(In the case of a total cancellation, the non-refundable ICT levy and registration fee is forfeited. Residence fees are charged on a sliding scale according to actual days in residence.)

4.2Students registering after the dates prescribed in the calendar are responsible to pay a late- registration fee in addition to the normal registration fee. They will furthermore be liable for full payment of the ICT levy, registration, late registration, and tuition fees if they register after the dates mentioned in par.

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