University of Limpopo Sundry Fees 2022

By | April 19, 2021

University of Limpopo Sundry Fees 2022

University of Limpopo Sundry Fees 2022 – See Details Below:


An application will not be processed before the applicable fees in the table below have been paid. Application fees are not refundable under any circumstances. Application fees are not applicable to University of Limpopo students who continue their studies consecutively. Application fees does not form part of the student account therefore it will not reflect on the student account statement. Enquiries with regards to application fee payments should be addressed to Revenue Management Office


Actual Amount

Application Fee

R 250

Application Fee: International Students

R 370

Administration fees: Academic Administration Fee of R1 880 and Residence Administration Fees of R880 will be debited to students’ accounts at registration and are payable annually. The payment date of the administration fees is determined by the block code of the qualification and payable as follows:

Block Code

Payment Due Date

T0 = Year Registration

31 October


= First Semester Registration

31 May


= Second Semester Registration

31 October

All registered students including Post-doctoral students are liable for administration fees. Administration fees are not refundable under any circumstances. A student remains liable for the enrolment fee in the event of a cancellation. The enrolment fee then becomes payable immediately.University of Limpopo Sundry Fees

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