University of Mpumalanga UMP History

By | May 25, 2021

University of Mpumalanga UMP Historical Background

University of Mpumalanga UMP History – See Details Below:

The University of Mpumalanga (UMP) is situated in the scenic Province of the rising sun, a context for staff and students’ inspiration. UMP was established in 2013 and enrolled the first cohort of 169 students in February 2014 in three programmes, namely Bachelor of Education (Foundation Phase Teaching), Bachelor of Agriculture in Agricultural Extension and Rural Resource Development and Diploma in ICT.  Rapid and gratifying growth has been experienced since the establishment of the University.  The University now offers 26 qualifications, to a total of 4200 students in 2021.

The University of Mpumalanga is committed to offering its students a life-changing experience through high-quality curricula and co-curricular programmes. These programmes promote the principles of excellence and academic integrity. At UMP, we enable students to realise their full potential in the full spectrum of cognitive, social, aesthetic, and personal dimensions, in pursuit of democratic citizenship. Furthermore, we are guided by the principle of access for success to foster a positive learning experience and outcome for our students. We create and maintain a conducive ecology, and an enabling teaching and research environment. Additionally, we conduct high quality teaching and research with high impact. All the foregoing are made possible through collaboration with strategic partners, locally, nationally and internationally. The University prides itself for being able to respond with agility to the dynamic needs of its students and the communities it serves. UMP is striving for innovation and transformation, in the interests of the less privileged. We foster creativity and entrepreneurial spirit among our students. Our state of the art infrastructure and iconic buildings provide students with a living and learning environment that is responsive to the needs of our students.

Our compelling strength is in our pioneering spirit, and willingness to ensure that our students are among the most sought after in their areas of expertise: notably Agriculture, Nature Conservation, Hospitality Management, Information, Communication and Technology. All of these are crucial for the development of the Province of Mpumalanga specifically, and the country generally and beyond.

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