University of Pretoria Examination Results 2022

By | May 7, 2021

University of Pretoria Examination Results 2022

University of Pretoria Examination Results 2022 – See Details Below:


Examination results will be made available in the following manner:

  • MTN telephone number 083 123 11
  • Results can also be received via SMS by typing in UP (space) STUDENT NUMBER (8 DIGITS) (space) JUN or NOV and sending it to 35606
  • Results can be viewed on Student Self Service at

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Re-marking of examination scripts are allowed subject to the following conditions:

(a)   A written application for re-marking of an examination script must be submitted within 14 calendar days after the commencement of the ensuing semester at the office of the Head of Student Administration.

(b)   The mark(s) awarded after re-marking will be the final result(s), even if it is lower than the original mark(s).

(c)   The fee for re-marking each individual script is R330. The fees for re-marking of modules consisting of papers one and two are therefore R660. The money should be paid to the cashiers at the Client Service Centre before the application will be considered.

(d)   Should the re-marking result in a pass mark, the student concerned may be refunded the appropriate amount.

(e)  Students will not be entitled to an additional supplementary examination by virtue of marks awarded to them as a result of re-marking.

(f)   Re-marking results will be made known as soon as possible.

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Due to its extensive test and examination programmes, the University is compelled to conduct some tests and examinations on Saturdays. It is therefore not practicable to accede to requests for special tests and examinations that are exclusively intended to substitute programmes scheduled for Saturdays.


The attention of lecturers and students is drawn to the fact that lectures may not be cancelled with a view to preparations for Rag or any other activity.

However, on the recommendation of the Senate, Council has decided to request lecturers not to schedule examinations and tests

(a)  from the Wednesday of Rag Week until the first Tuesday after Rag Week;

(b)  on Spring Day and the day thereafter; and

(c)  on Saturday on which an Intervarsity takes place.

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