University of Stellenbosch Readmission 2022

By | May 12, 2021

University of Stellenbosch Readmission 2022 – 2023

University of Stellenbosch Readmission 2022 – 2023 – See Details Below:

The readmission process of undergraduate students is governed by the University’s readmission rules and process, as stipulated in the University Calendar, Part 1 (General), under the heading “Readmission after Unsuccessful Studies”. In accordance with these rules, undergraduate students must obtain (pass) a certain number of credits in a particular academic year in order to continue with their studies. Students who do not obtain sufficient credits, and who therefore do not comply with the readmission requirements, will not be allowed to continue with their studies.


Students who did not obtain sufficient credits will be informed of this via email (student email account) and will additionally receive an sms on or before 24 December . You can also

view your readmission status for 2022 at: Undergraduate Administration Re-apply for Studies. Please note that

readmission letters will not be sent by regular mail.

There are two possible categories in this regard, namely:

Category A: Warning

Students in this category will receive an e-mail merely warning them that they did not meet the readmission requirements at the end of 2019, but that they will be allowed to register as a student for 2022 without having to apply for readmission.

Category B: Academically Excluded (exclusion based on academic grounds)

Students in this category will receive an e-mail informing them that they have not been granted readmission to SU for 2022. This category of student will not be allowed to continue with their studies at SU and must consequently apply for readmission to SU.

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2.Administrative Procedure

Students who were academically excluded (Category B above) will get the opportunity to apply for readmission, and to this purpose an application form, which must be used to apply for readmission, will accompany the e-mail mentioned above. It will be explained in the e-mail and application form what such students need to do to apply for readmission.

Due Dates

a)15 January 2022 – General closing date for submission of readmission appeals. Please note that this date is not applicable to the faculties listed below.

b)6 January 2022 – Faculty of Economic and Management Sciences closing date for submission of readmission appeals.

c)9 January 2022 – Faculty of Engineering closing date for submission of readmission appeals.

d)Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences – dates will be supplied in the readmission


Please note that no late applications for readmission will be accepted.


Every application for readmission must be accompanied by a fee of R387. Please note that this amount is non-refundable, irrespective of the decision reached by the Readmission Appeals Committee.

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