University of Stellenbosch Registration 2022

By | May 12, 2021

University of Stellenbosch Registration 2022

University of Stellenbosch Registration 2022 – See Details Below:


At registration, each student is provided with a printed proof of registration, which indicates the programme and modules registered for which the student is registered.

1. Requirements for assisted registration

If you are a new student, you must ensure that you comply with all the admission requirements of your chosen programme of study before you arrive at SU.

1.1 New students

If you are a first-year new student, you do not need to apply for your matriculation exemption certificate prior to registration for the 2020 academic year; however, you need to ensure that you meet the exemption requirements and confirm that registration will be in order by sending your final results to:

If you have international citizenship and were

Ms C Talmarkes at

schooled in a foreign school system

If you have South African citizenship and were

Ms C Grove-Le Guillou at

schooled in a foreign school system

Non-South African citizens

All students who are not South African citizens must show at registration either a permanent residence permit or a study permit, which should have been obtained previously from the South African Department of Home Affairs. The permit must be valid for 2020. If you cannot provide the permit at registration, you will not be permitted to register.

New students

Please note that copies of certificates, even if they are certified as true copies of the originals, will not be accepted if the original documents are not shown.

a) National Senior Certificate or IEB examinations

If you wrote the final school examination at the end of 2019, you must provide:

the original Advice of Results of the NSC or IEB examinations that was received from the relevant education authority and a photocopy thereof. If you wrote the final school examinations prior to the end of 2019, you must provide:

the original Advice of Results of the NSC or IEB examinations that was received from the relevant education authority and a photocopy thereof; and

your original NSC and a photocopy thereof.

b)Other school systems

If you studied in a different school system than the South African NSC or IEB systems, you must provide at registration:

the original school-leaving certificate of the school system concerned and a photocopy thereof; and

the original certificate of university exemption, issued by the South African Matriculation Board, and a photocopy thereof.

If you are still waiting for a result, an arrangement for conditional registration will be made.

c) Other universities

If you are a first-year new student who studied at other universities, you must provide:

the abovementioned certificates; and

your original academic record and certificate of good conduct and photocopies thereof.

If you are a postgraduate new student who studied at other universities, you must provide:

your original academic record and degree certificate and photocopies thereof.

2.2Returning students

Outstanding documents

Returning students who have not yet presented their proof of admission documents (original NSC and/or certificates of other education authorities) will only be allowed to register if they submit their original outstanding proof of admission documents prior to or at registration.

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